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  • Toddler Update: 15 Months + Sleep Regression

      Since day one, we have implemented the Babywise method for our daughter and it has really saved my sanity!  My mother had 10 children and she used the Babywise method, successfully for 8 of them.  For one baby (out of the 2), she did use Babywise but he had a skin condition when he was

    Toddler Update: 15 Months + Sleep Regression
  • Hello, 2017 + New Fitness Challenge!

    BIG adventures today at Mermaids Cave, Kaena Cave and a hike all the way out to Kaena Point! …that was a 5 mile round trip hike. Baby didnt mind. She also didnt have to walk. 😉 My fitbit says we walked 15,000+ steps today and about 6 miles total! #BlessedtoliveinHawaii #family #adventure #TIUMommy #tiuteam #LookForLove

    Hello, 2017 + New Fitness Challenge!
  • Makeup for Busy Moms

    Short and sweet.  That’s what I like to hear when it comes to a makeup routine.  No more long-winded Youtube tutorials on how to apply 50 shades of eye shadow for the perfect smokey eye.  They have certainly have their place…but not in my basic, run-of-the-mill, everyday makeup routines. 😉 I don’t like the cake-y

    Makeup for Busy Moms
  • Ava Turns One!

    Ava, you stole my heart the moment that I held you and looked into your big, wide-awake eyes and again when I discovered your sweet little dimples. Every day has been such an adventure with you and you’ve made me smile and laugh more than I ever thought a person could. I love you so

    Ava Turns One!