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  • Tips for Traveling with a Baby | What I Pack

    I have flown four times now with my daughter.  Once from Hawaii to San Diego when she was 6 months, a second time from Hawaii to Atlanta (8 hour flight), a third time from Grand Rapids back to Hawaii when she was 10 months (a 2 layover, super, super long travel day), and lastly from… Continue Reading

    Tips for Traveling with a Baby | What I Pack
  • 10 Month Baby Update

    I can hardly believe that my little girl is already ten months old!  It feels so long ago (and yet, it doesn’t) when I first gave birth to my daughter at TAMC, here in Oahu, Hawaii. Ava has grown by leaps and bounds and has constantly surprised us by how quickly she has met every… Continue Reading

    10 Month Baby Update
  • My Favorite Diaper Bag

      So I’ll be honest… This was a bit of a ‘mommy-splurge’.  An ‘I-think-I-should-treat-myself’ kind of (totally justifiable) purchase.  I had done my research on diaper bags and decided that this was the one for me.  Except they can get pretty pricey…up to two hundred dollars (gulp).  I could just sew together all that cash… Continue Reading

    My Favorite Diaper Bag
  • Kleenex & Coffee (The Not-So Glamorous Side of Mommyhood)

    Today, being a Mom looks something like this… Laying on the couch watching the TCM channel while Ava sleeps on my chest and we both try to recover from a rough night. She didn’t fall asleep fully until after midnight last night because she was so congested and fussy. No sooner would I lay her… Continue Reading

    Kleenex & Coffee (The Not-So Glamorous Side of Mommyhood)